As cooler weather is quickly moving in, so are the mice.   One of the services we can offer to prevent them from coming into your home is placing a barrier called Pest-Blok around the foundation of your home that denies them access under the siding. The pictures here show how this looks, both before and after installation.
  This is an example of a full exclusion, and it is quite effective, but it does cost some money. The good news is that in many cases it is more than is needed.
  Many pest control companies, especially the big names in the industry, love to tell their customers that this is the only answer. 
However, in most cases we can stop mice from entering your home during the course of a mouse service by sealing up the small holes that they are gaining access through. We have years of experience and the knowledge of many types of construction. We get rid of the mice that are already inside, and stop future mice from coming in. Best of all, there is no extra charge if we can exclude the mice, (or rats,) this way. 
  If there is no other way to stop them, or if you would just prefer the piece of mind that a full exclusion like the one pictured brings, we can do that too! 


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