07 Feb

Here our young muscle man shows of his Mom & Pop gear. Hopefully he’ll be ready to help out in a few more years!

Many times we get calls from homeowners or new businesses who have recently moved. They have either already found pests or want to make sure they don’t.
We may perform an inspection or service. At the end, we are asked how often they will need service.
We like to tell our customers that the need for regular service depends on several factors…
1) the pest pressure around the structure
2) their tolerance level to said pests
3) the “conducive conditions” that exist

After a thorough inspection and conversation with a potential client, we usually know where we stand on those things. Then we present the options and let them decide. We don’t want to, or have to, push recurring services. We may suggest them because of the three factors above, but the choice is definitely up to you.
If you decide that a recurring service is right for your situation, we have a Residential Pest Protection Program, or RP3 for homes and can custom-design a program for your business.
If a one-time service is more suited for your situation, we can do that instead.
Call or text us with your questions at 779-456-1883.


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